The Sublime Handcrafted

It is the master crafter's hands that the wood surrenders: the selected wood, the wood with promise. And it is in that surrender, that the journey to beauty and significance begins.

With strong hands, the master planes the wood to level and to remove the unwanted roughness of character.

With gentle hands, the master shapes the wood to define the wood's purpose, its uniqueness.

With loving hands the master polishes the wood to reveal the wood's inner beauty.

In the master's hands, the wood surrenders and is refined to live out its purpose for
generations forward.

With joy and with beauty, and with grace.


Rinne ENGLAND 346.jpg
Rinne ENGLAND 322.jpg
Rinne ENGLAND 227.jpg

Mary holland

I've always been drawn to the words "gather" and "assemble".

They both evoke images of people and objects together in one place for a brief moment in time sharing ideas, opinions, a glass of wine or a vignette. The more interesting and diverse the people and objects are the more interesting the moment becomes.

Seeing how objects relate to one another is similar to seeing strangers relate to one another at a cocktail party or at a venue where they speak to one another out of politeness or simply to pass the time.

I hope you enjoy as much as we do the collection of characters, objects, and voices we have assembled together under one roof. We are humbled and honored to collaborate with people who inspire us, and who continue to push the bar higher and higher.

We invite you to scroll through our pages to see how all these characters express themselves through the voice of furniture.