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We are dedicated to sharing beauty as we continue the journey of building timeless furniture through the talented people who make our gardens, homes and daily lives more meaningful.  We enjoy sharing the creative process, the places we visit, and the characters we encounter along the way.  We want to highlight those who make us pause, who get our attention, and who are coloring outside the lines.  Enjoy the conversations – our stories and your stories.


February 7, 2019

Awaken your senses

February is the month we long for warmth and the newness of Spring. Something exciting born of the quiet, sleepy end of winter. So, in this issue we are waking you up with some newness and life. You'll find the colorful talent that is Jared Hughes, a recap Mary's pilgrimage to India, and we are pleased to announce we now have a collection through Perennials Social on the floor. We also can't wait to invite you to come visit our coffee shop, Sheep & Meadow (opening Spring 2019), in our showroom.

This year will be filled with connecting the old and the new. We are launching a series of events to encourage and inspire each other, especially younger designers (or the young at heart). We are also pleased to be collaborating with Anna Braund on a limited line of mirrors (coming this fall).

May this month bring you all the warmth & love you can find. We will be doing our part to brighten your winter.


Feeling the Hughes

As seen in Garden & Gun and Traditional Home, Atlanta based Jared Hughes integrates some of our favorite Holland MacRae and Lee Industries upholstery pieces into his colorful, timeless style with an unexpected twist. He is grounded in the classics but perfectly modern. We love his sense of southern style and dramatic use of color. Learn more about Jared’s work on his website.


Pictured items from Holland MacRae: Upholstery via Lee Industries, Lucille side table, painting by William McLure All available through Holland Macrae

To India, with love

By Mary Holland

During the fall, my dear friend Susan Ferrier and I embarked on an adventure to India. Breathtaking, enchanting, overwhelming India. A place where color shines brighter than you can imagine, and your heart is captured by the juxtaposition of bustling chaos and stunning architecture. It is a place where you are forced to reckon with the glorious, beautiful mess we are as humans. The cultural wealth is unending as is the spicy food, the sensory overload, and the diversity. It is perhaps my textile heaven. I could never fully summarize this trip, though the memory of it, I am certain, will stay with me forever.

This Fabric Won’t Stain

We are proud to introduce a new line of upholstery with EJ Victor and Perennials Social. You can eat, drink and play all you want, but this fabric won’t stain.



November 13, 2018

New Showroom!

We are having a rebirth here at Holland Macrae. After over forty years at ADAC, we took a leap and moved. Our new showroom used to be occupied by our dear friend Kay Douglass and South of Market. We will still be bringing the design industry the best of antiques and a little something new, while upping our game.

In the not too distant future (March 1st!) the new showroom will feature a bright and spacious coffee shop. We are calling it Sheep & Meadow, and it will be the perfect place to take a break or to meet with your clients. Come visit us at 345 Peachtree Hills Ave. Suite #100.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 11.09.35 AM.png

October 12, 2018

Rinne ENGLAND 189.jpg

A Trip to England

Mary has just returned from a Trip to England, where she was selecting pieces for our next shipment of antiques and reproductions. The trip was full of drives down quiet roads, duck ponds and visits to our workshops in the countryside. A highlight of the trip was a visit to historic Blickling Hall, once the home of Anne Boleyn.

Rinne ENGLAND 112.jpg

October 12, 2018

Cheers, Dear Friend

By Mary Holland

We were beyond thrilled when it was announced that Robert Brown was named Southeast Residential Designer of the year in May. As I reflect on Bob’s and my history together, and all that he’s accomplished, I am still struck by the execution of simple, clean lines with a refinement that embodies both elegance and “real life”. His pieces are the ones that look luxurious; you want to have them in your house. You can also live with them and not feel like you are walking in a museum. I remember the Atlanta Homes article when the line launched referring to his designs as “casual elegance”. I think that sums up Bob’s work, his demeanor, and the furniture line. He is the kind of man you just want to be around. He has exceptional taste without being pretentious. Actually, that describes all of the wonderful people we collaborate with!

But Bob stands out from the rest in this: aside from his incredible body of work, he is the quintessential southern gentleman and a truly kind soul. He is the kind of man you are honored to call a friend. Here’s to you, Bob. Thankful to work with you and know you.