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February 7, 2019

Awaken your senses

February is the month we long for warmth and the newness of Spring. Something exciting born of the quiet, sleepy end of winter. So, in this issue we are waking you up with some newness and life. Sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch.


november 13, 2019

New Showroom!

We are having a rebirth here at Holland Macrae. After over forty years at ADAC, we took a leap and moved. We will still be bringing the design industry the best of antiques and a little something new, while upping our game.

Rinne ENGLAND 112.jpg

October 12, 2019

a trip to england

Mary has just returned from a Trip to England, where she was selecting pieces for our next shipment of antiques and reproductions. The trip was full of drives down quiet roads, duck ponds and visits to our workshops in the countryside.

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